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The business game Mango Pills helped the participants understand what is most important in competition and what strategies are more profitabe. What ensured complete immersion, what conclusions were drawn and how to start working with both hands? Read on!
Changing ourselves and changing the world for the better is the mission of SIBUR, which the company fulfills by developing and expanding, developing and training its employees. How do they manage it? ManGO! Games knows the secrets of SIBUR from the inside.
Business Game 25.11.21, Moscow
We gladly present the ManGO! Games case for Rosagroleasing. The company's management sees great importance in promoting collective responsibility, commitment to a common goal, and the perception of the company as a whole.
12.10.21. Business Game, facilitation
A luxurious setting of Radisson Resort, Zavidovo became the venue of the Leadout game session and team-building facilitation for the EGIS company's employees. Another successful case for us to share with you.
10.09.21, Online Business Game
In an attempt to improve teamwork efficiency, Gazprom Neft resolved to run the "Houston, We Have A Problem!" game by ManGO! Games. In the end, it also helped to draw up a comprehensive team-building strategy.
10.09. 21, Online Business Game
The game determines the efficiency of employees' resource management skills and helps to develop these.
Online training. October 5, 2021
As part of the training series for British American Tobacco, we held an online session on how to use briefs as a tool to make powerful and effective presentations, leaving 330 participants fully armed with new skills and knowledge!

The All-Solving Brief online training was hosted by Svetlana Lukyanova and Alexander Babin.
Online Business Game. Summer, 2021
Is it hard to transfer your expertise to another company on a DIY basis without sacrificing quality? We tried that out and made a game for the company to run by its own efforts. It was like landing on Mars, and we did it! With our games successfully adopted, they now can be freely played without our participation.
The debut game was Mars-500 for M. Video. Let us share this fascinating case with you!
Business Games. August, 2021. Saratov.
The ManGO! Games team was invited to visit Saratov by the Delovar club. Here, we ran demo sessions of the AUTOKOREKTA and Dukes&Sprouts business games. Among the guests invited were local business representatives and staff development specialists.
Online Business Game. Summer, 2021
This is the first time we have released our own online game developed on an in-house software platform. By doing so, we're taking the next step in our persistent movement toward scalable digital business games. Our first robin, the ManGOLD online game, makes our products even more accessible to companies looking for a game-based way to develop their employees.
Business Game. August, 2021
Are your staff members bogged down in routine, lacking creativity and the will to change? If you carry on like this, very soon you will end up losing to your competitors. To keep that from happening, you better work on your employees' change management skills.
Negotiation competitions. April, 2021
ManGO! Games team held a negotiation competition for L'Oreal. During the event, participants learned how to calculate financial indicators and gained the missing confidence in financial negotiation.
January-February, 2021
Project management is a living nightmare for many CEOs and operations managers! A bottomless hole for budgets to drain into, it means an endless chain of uncertain and missed deadlines, never-ending meetings, and constant refocusing between different activities.
December, 2020 – February, 2021
In early 2020, the creative core of ManGO! Games came together with a group of enthusiastic people with coaching experience. All wanting to master the new profession of digital coaching, they studied the peculiarities of online training and looked for the best ways to make it successful and affordable for companies.
09.02.21. Workshop + Online Business Game
A cozy, open meeting we held recently gathered everyone interested in making online business games. The focus of the event was professional and informative communication, with a valuable and heartwarming game session afterwards.

We can say for certain that our online creative lab has grown beyond its boundaries! We really appreciate our wonderful guests and look forward to meeting them again any time soon!
January, 2021
The "Personnel Management" conference at the Center for Innovative Education and Development featured a speech by Oleg Koschinsky. A business coach and development director at ManGO! Games, he pointed out the main things to consider when organizing negotiation competitions..
Online Business Game. December, 2020
The online format is no obstacle for intra-team communication and trust-building training. "Houston, we have a problem" is an exciting online game that suits that case just right.
Negotiation competitions. December, 2020
Operating in a highly competitive environment, we need to stay ahead of our competitors to ensure profitable growth. Negotiations are exactly the aspect of business where the level of professionalism determines the result.

It was this idea in mind that led us through a series of online negotiation competitions for Perfetti Van Melle.
Online training. December, 2020
Online facilitation is not just another approach, but science that combines expertise in facilitation techniques with knowledge of online training tools.

To penetrate the secrets of this science, Siemens employees followed experienced facilitators from ManGO! Games. In this article, we will present the details of this case and share a few tips and how-tos on the matter.
Online Business Game. December 25, 2020
John Wiley is an international academic publisher of professional literature, journals, and encyclopedias in both printed and electronic form. Intending to reward its employees with an End-of-Year team-building session, the company turned to ManGO! Games team.

Among the 150 people who came to the icy wilderness ready for treasure hunting, no one regretted it! In a New Year's warm atmosphere, the team strengthened their resource planning and teamwork skills.
Online Business Game. December, 2020
How much do your team members trust each other? In an attempt to assess the trust level and improve interaction within their team, Kimberly-Clark marketing experts turned to ManGO! Games. Together, we made it happen!
Online championship. November-December 2020
ManGO! Games team held the annual negotiation competition for Kimberly-Clark company. The event brought together employees from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.
December 16, 2020
On December 16, 2020, the ManGO! Games team took part in the Methodolog Hack online hackathon as part of the BLENDED LEARNING online conference. And we won! Can't wait to share our experience and impressions with you.
Smart teambuilding, 19.09.2020, Moscow
This is the story about successful companies practicing important competencies, engaging their staff members, and steadily pursuing their goals and objectives.
Smart teambuilding, 16.09.2020
Europlast company always keeps to its traditions. This year, despite all the difficulties, it once again repeated the employees' beloved corporate ritual and held the annual conference to review the season results.

The ManGO! Games team was invited to run a smart team-building session, leading to all of us having a great time playing Baker Street Robbery.
Business Game, 30.08.2020, Moscow
The quarantine changed every one of us. And what is the best way to re-acquaint yourself with your own company while addressing business challenges and dealing with uncertainties? Of course, it's Dukes and Spouts business game!

We organized a spectacular post-isolation meeting for bankers to practice strategic thinking and successful interactions in an ever-changing world.
Summer, 2020. Online program 
Business games should be a regular practice during corporate training or on-the-job recreation sessions. It gains particular importance when employees have been forced to spend months in a new, unaccustomed quarantine environment. This case is about the ManGO! Games team finding a way out and delivering an online business game with life-like intensity and excitement.
Summer, 2020. Online program
The Kazakhstan headquarters of Kimberly-Clark made quite an interesting hypothesis: mastering facilitation skills will significantly increase the employees' performance and bring the company's negotiations and sales to higher levels. The next step would be to devise a special corporate training program to confirm the hypothesis.
Spring-Summer, 2020. Online program
Is it easy to create an online digital coaching program? How many online coaches there really are on the market? What is the best way to become a digital coach? Having found answers to these and other questions, we are now ready to share this case with you.

Online program, July 2020
Kimberly-Clark chose "risk analysis" as the third skill to be covered in the 3 Crisis Skills program. The training participants were to master different risk analysis techniques, build individual risk matrices, and even gamble! Now they're ready to interact with the VUCA world!
Online program. Spring, Summer. 2020
Kimberly-Clark leadership identified stress prevention, situation management, and risk analysis as the most important anti-crisis skills. Our ongoing activity is focused on the second skill, situation management, and we are more than glad to share this case with you.
Online session. 02.07.2020
Readjustment to an office environment after remote work, weakened or enhanced performance, fear of getting sick and the need for social distance, experience in office communication via a microphone, and mastering technical skills without face-to-face mentoring - these and other things were topics of the online session we held on July 2. We also invited Ekaterina Gulina as a special guest to present her interesting case. Read on to learn more about the event!
Online program. Spring, Summer. 2020
Kimberly-Clark identified the three most important skills to launch online training to strengthen those. Read on to get details on 3 key topics, 6 modules, a mixed online format, and the first results of this fascinating case.
Online training. 18.06.2020
After a 2-month adaptation period to the changed reality, the newly minted digital coaches were ready to teach antifragility, i. e. the ability to take advantage of change and instability.
Online training. 28.05.2020
Going through tough real-life situations and staying a resilient leader is a vital topic to be best handled by a certified coach and psychologist. That's why we chose Grigory Kramskoy as an invited expert for ManGO's latest online training session! A so-called strategic navigator, he's spent 29 years professionally educating people through his own Live Strategy methodology. Another successful case to share with you!
Online training. 14.05.2020
You cannot teach games without playing them! So, it's no wonder our gamification training was almost entirely a game. This way, we helped participants understand just how exciting and engaging an online learning format can be.

With the underlying tone set by the presenter Oleg Koschinsky, the Quiz game and its author Polina Guzova became a special highlight of the event.

The distinctive feature of the workshop was that we set aside the theoretical background and focused mainly on practical activities that served as the foundation for the training.
Online session. 30.04.2020
Remote working has become the litmus test for many executives. The quarantine happened to reveal good leaders and those whose managerial competencies exist only on the résumé. Motivational skills mean the ability to positively influence, persuade, and inspire employees, even the remote ones.

We invited experienced facilitators and business coaches Roman Simdyanov and Marina Karadag to assist the participants in developing this skill. Read on to learn more about our remote employee motivation course.
Online session. 15.04.2020
ManGO Games ran a second open online gathering to discuss the ways to maximize online event engagement. This time, we mainly focused on mastering the remote facilitation techniques.

The free online workshop on "How to Facilitate Online Meetings" was hosted by Oleg Koschinsky and Anna Kondratieva.
Online session. 26.03.2020
Mastermind is a mini-group activity aimed at finding a solution within a well-defined procedure. It allows the participants to come up with a quick, high-quality solution to address an issue of mutual importance. The ManGO! Games team has shown the effectiveness of this approach in an online format. The problem of everyone's concern was the rapid and competent organization of remote collaboration. And now it's time to share this successful case with you.
Online program. 2019-2020
Home Credit Bank has entrusted the ManGO! Games team to run a corporate training course for its personnel. The aim was to teach future managers the basic and advanced skills necessary to foster the company's values. We managed to accomplish this task remotely through a series of online training sessions. Can't wait to share this case with you!
Negotiation competitions. December, 2019
ManGO! Games was tasked with finding a way to teach negotiations between suppliers and buyers of Kimberly-Clark retail chains. Compact and effective, the format was supposed to bring together participants from different regions. And we did manage to find it! Our online competition engaged the entire company staff while creating a true New Year's Eve extravaganza and a real celebration for all employees.

A total of 70 participants competed for the title of the 2019 Best Negotiator, cheered on by entire regions. All in all, the competition turned out to be an inspiring national-level event. We at ManGO! Games believe the live battle format to soon become a real game-changer for many companies on their road to maximum efficiency.
Online program. August 2019
The DB Schenker International Logistics Company saw pandemic-related restrictions as an opportunity for sales growth. Their case became yet another confirmation that online training provides an efficient and cost-effective format to improve presentation and negotiation skills.
Online training. March, April 2019
Once again, Kimberly-Clark invited the ManGO! Games team to run a corporate training session. Having completed our online course based on end-to-end gamification, both middle and senior specialists became more prepared for high managerial positions.
Standardization project. 2019
SIBUR holding is the largest petrochemical company in Russia to produce and distribute polypropylene, polyethylene, BOPP, synthetic rubbers, and other petrochemical products on the Russian and international markets.

A while ago, SIBUR built a modern corporate training center to develop its employees' professional skills and knowledge. The ManGO! Games team, for their part, was entrusted with standardizing the educational programs and the center activities. The initiative is to be implemented in three stages, two of which have already been completed.
Facilitation. July, 2019
SUEK, or Siberian Coal Energy Company, is one of the world's largest coal companies operating production and generation facilities in Russia and an international sales network.

RUK, or Raspadskaya Coal Company, is a Russian coal producer. Acting as a member of Evraz Group, it constitutes a coal mining and processing complex located in the Kemerovo Oblast of the Russian Federation.

ManGO! Games was tasked to help the two companies exchange valuable experiences, establish close ties, and gather insights to boost business efficiency.
Conference. 24.10.19
On October 24, 2019, the Courtyard Marriott St. Petersburg Pushkin Hotel hosted the third annual PRO Catalysis Forum conference themed "Russian Catalysts".

One of the conference's special features was a live broadcast from Omsk covering the ground-breaking of Russia's first catalyst plant.

The event was moderated by one of ManGO's most experienced facilitators, Oleg Koschinsky. Among other things, he was required to establish effective interaction and involvement of the high-ranking participants: domestic and foreign scientists, industrialists, developers, and businessmen.
Study session. Summer 2019
SUEK, or Siberian Coal Energy Company, is one of the leading coal producers in the world with facilities located in Russia and an extensive international sales network.
Facilitation. 26-27.09.2019
Kimberly-Clark plant in Stupino near Moscow, a well-known manufacturer of Huggies diapers, goes through a period of rapid development with new job openings and steady performance acceleration.

Still, despite the evident progress and excellence, the plant's executive has taken a proactive approach towards personnel development and team-building.

This prompted his decision to invite ManGO! Games professionals to organize a team-building session to improve mutual understanding and teamwork.
Study session. 27.09.19 - 4.10.19
Komus is a major Russian production-and-trade company that owns a network of stores selling school and office supplies along with promotional and souvenir products.
Business Game. 30.05.19
L'Oreal representatives took part in Green Up the Planet game session. It proved to be a perfect solution to teach the company's employees to competently request, provide, and receive feedback. The success was largely facilitated by the in-game experience of business interaction in a variety of roles.

L'Oreal management rightly believes feedback to be a powerful development tool, as long as you know how to use it properly.
Business Game. 06.09.19
Customer focus refers to a company's ability to create an additional customer flow through in-depth understanding and satisfaction of their needs.

As Kaspersky Lab seeks to better understand its customers and strengthen this skill in the future, it approached ManGO! Games requesting to run a customer focus game session.

In four hours corresponding to four full years of playtime on a made-up island, the participants came back to reality armed with important experiences, skills, and findings.
Business Game. 11.09.19
We were asked to run a Dukes and Sprouts game session for Europlast employees to enhance team-building and team-bonding and improve their decision-making skills. Last but not least, the game brought lots of positive emotions to the participants.

Europlast group is the largest producer of plastic packaging in Russia and the CIS. The company's successful performance, meanwhile, largely depends on the investments it makes in personnel development.
Business Game. 29.01.19
How hard is it to please Microsoft employees? After all, they have superior working conditions, solid salaries, high intelligence, and lots of games and entertainment opportunities. With all that at their disposal, is it even possible for a game to get these people exciting, and their eyes light up? Well, we found one!
Facilitation. 09.09.19
ManGO! Games assisted the Yandex commercial department in elaborating the development strategy for the coming year.
The quality of the annual strategy session determines the team's commitment to achieving its immediate goals. In this regard, ManGO! Games has done its job very well.
Training session 24.06.2019
Apart from Russian projects, the ManGO! Games team also works with international ones. Fluent in English, our coaches Andrei Lapiga and Roman Simdyanov both communicate at a native speaker level.
Training session 15.08.2019
To maintain industrial leadership, Mercedes Benz Financial is undergoing continuous changes in employees' areas of responsibility and teams' composition. The good thing is, the company's management understands the need to support such transformations. We were invited to deliver a change management program and a business game for the managerial team to ensure employees' effectiveness in coping with change and passing this culture on to their subordinates.
Business Game. 01.06.2019
On the first day of summer, one lovely country hotel hosted the Mango Pills game session for the operating unit of a major Russian bank.
Team session. 25.01.2019
The joint project with Kaspersky Lab set an impressive goal for ManGO! Games team. Our facilitators were to help the customer's coaching team develop the competencies of integration, proactivity, and change management.
Business breakfast. 28.04.19
Coffee, L&D, and networking - what could be a better combination to start a day? On March 28, our guests were invited to a business breakfast to explore all of these components.
HR holiday. 06.03.19
On March 6, in anticipation of Women's Day, ManGo! Games team organized a meeting for its HR partners. To build the special climate of the evening, we brought in a great team of makeup artists, pleasant music, and delicious food.
Business Game. 04.03.19
The El Dorado business game is a real adventure for your employees. After all, the two-hour session turns players into real treasure hunters! During the game, the participants are to compete for the grand prize: a chestful of countless riches.
Business Game. 19.01.19
Dukes and Sprouts is one of the most popular games we have in our arsenal. With this degree of adventurous spirit, not even its most passive players are left behind!
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