Business Game. 11.09.19

Lords and Cabbages game for Europlast group

We were asked to run a Lords and Cabbages game session for Europlast employees to enhance team-building and team-bonding and improve their decision-making skills. Last but not least, the game brought lots of positive emotions to the participants.

Europlast group is the largest producer of plastic packaging in Russia and the CIS. The company's successful performance, meanwhile, largely depends on the investments it makes in personnel development.
30 people
2,5 hours
Mission. Hold a team-building event within the annual debriefing conference.

Background. The company's main intention was to thank the participants in a non-trivial way at the end of this difficult season. The management believed a perfect way to do so was giving them positive and constructive emotional experience. In the meantime, there was a logistical problem to be addressed. The game was to occupy the guests with an intellectual and interesting pastime during the banquet table preparations for the gala dinner.

How did it go:

The event took place in the town of Solnechnogorsk, on the picturesque shore of Lake Senezh.

A festive conference brought together top managers representing all divisions, as well as their deputies, to report on the company's full-year achievements. The game, subsequently, was expected to refocus the solemn meeting and become a source of cheerfulness and great spirits.

Game process. The participants are invited to go back to the times of ancient Russia and take on different roles. Some will become boyar or merchant, while others will turn into peasants. And, for sure, the plot wouldn't be authentic without a tsar. Thus, everyone gets to fulfill their roles to influence the economy and improve their class's quality of life through creative decision-making. The game, therefore, can rightly be considered a simulation with unlimited creative potential.


Besides having a great time, the participants upgraded the following skills:
  • Negotiations.
  • Decision-making.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Effective team-building.
In this unexpected way, the participants gave new directions for further staff development.
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