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Whoever has a business has complaints. Their reasons may be different. The question is how to respond to complaints. If these are online complaints, there are three strategies: respond publicly, ignore, take the discussion to a private format.
Flexibility of the company (agility) allows you to cope with challenges and adapt to new conditions. How to strengthen it? We invite you to find out what one of the authors of the agile approach to development thinks about this. Dave Thomas was among the 17 people who wrote the agile manifesto.
To live like a winner, you must act like a winner. Make no mistakes and learn wisdom from those who have truly achieved something.
What is the most comfortable and effective approach to adult learning? How did recent brain research findings change the classical theory of modern learning? What is dynamic learning? Let's figure it out.
With everyone working online, there is still time for team-building! How do companies run team-building activities online and what are the current leading trends? Let's figure it out.
On December 16, 2020, the ManGO! Games team took part in the Methodolog Hack online hackathon as part of the BLENDED LEARNING online conference. And we won! Can't wait to share our experience and impressions with you.
Have you ever had moments when you hated meetings? At least once in our lives, we all probably have grumbled, "Here comes another meeting. Why can't I just do my job?" What's more, studies show that productivity losses associated with poorly organized meetings cost companies hundreds of billions of dollars.

But once properly organized, a meeting only takes 10 minutes, thus avoiding long correspondence and weeks of misunderstandings on the way to new ideas and solutions.

To make this possible, let's start with studying the experience of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.
Do you think one man without a team could build an empire? Of course, he couldn't. Every success story involves a well-coordinated team. This means everyone striving for great accomplishments needs to know how to build, operate, and be a part of a team.

In this article, we will discuss the concept and principles of effective teamwork.
Work-related discussions can come in many modes and formats: meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. Their common disadvantage, however, is the need for everyone to speak in turn, thus lacking the opportunity to properly listen to others. Instead, one must concentrate on his or her own performance, anxiously waiting to take the floor.

While many ideas that could have been voiced remain unexpressed, the meeting's effectiveness is decreased. As participants get bored and irritated, they tend to avoid this kind of discussion. The facilitation method, meanwhile, drastically changes the situation.
Personal development always requires us to find innovative ways of thinking, new concepts, and fresh approaches to commonplace things. How can we learn to think outside the box? One example is the Six Thinking Hats method invented by Edward de Bono.
Why do listeners fall asleep, but the lecturer never does? Apparently, their job is way harder.

How can you help the audience obtain and absorb the information with ease and interest? Read on to learn effective techniques for capturing and holding your listeners' attention.
The "Personnel Management" conference at the Center for Innovative Education and Development featured a speech by Oleg Koschinsky. A business coach and development director at ManGO! Games, he pointed out the main things to consider when organizing negotiation competitions.
The latest neurophysiological studies show that learning produces plastic changes in the brain's neural network. It is these changes that we owe to our ability to learn.

More precisely, we owe it to a unique property of our brain called neuroplasticity.
How do you make staff training more effective?

Here is one approach suggested by Charles Jennings.

His 70:20:10 concept makes for integrating corporate training into today's reality with maximum efficiency for the company.

Let's take a closer look at the core of the concept.
Where do you find an online coach and what competencies he or she must possess? Answers to these questions can be found in the article.
A growing trend in corporate training, microlearning, perfectly complements the trend toward lifelong learning and on-the-job training approaches.
Every now and then, a company needs to make a change. For example, a change for better intra-team communication or workflow management.

To improve the current state of things, we usually start looking for problem-solving tools, including business games and training. And here's when the question arises: "Which one do I choose?" Deciding between business games and training, we stage a real battle to weigh all the pros and cons. Turns out, the task is not that simple. If you wonder why, you will find the answers to this and other questions in the article.
Mentor, coach, consultant, advisor, tutor, teacher, psychotherapist... How exactly do all these concepts differ from each other? Well, let's find out!
With many goal-setting programs available out there, not all of us, however, fully understand the importance of this process.

Many people tend to overlook goals as a mere formality. Could they be right to deny the importance of goal-setting? Let's find out!