The winners laws

To live like a winner, you must act like a winner. Make no mistakes and learn wisdom from those who have truly achieved something.
The winners laws | ManGO! Games: outsources business game, training, and facilitation sessions

Some say not doing something is easier than doing another thing. So, what winners don't usually do?

What winners do not do

Winners don't look for excuses for their mistakes. Neither do they learn from their mistakes.

Winners are not afraid of difficulties but calmly accept them. They don't whine if something goes wrong. Instead of looking for another way, they strive to overcome setbacks. How else can one build muscles?

Winners don't copy anyone, they go their own way. While success takes learning from others, gaining experience means moving on to offer something of your own to the world.

Winners know how to rise after defeat. No one becomes successful overnight. All winners go through a series of defeats to start over as stronger fighters.

Winners are not afraid of hard work. Winning means not resting on your laurels, relaxing, or being lazy. It means living through hardships some people can only imagine.

Winners don't try to look better than they are: they know their flaws and weaknesses.

Winners don't strive to appear perfect. They strive to get better.

Winners don't look down on others but encourage them to develop and become new winners.

Winners don't leave out details that yield better results. They are constantly improving.

Winners don't worry about what others think. Neither do they care if others discourage them.

Winners don't try to rectify others' perceptions of themselves. They don't think it's worth the time they could spend on self-improvement.

Winners don't try to outrun their supporters. They get everyone who surrounds and supports them to the level of their own attainment. Leadership is not about standing on top alone but about moving towards it with a team by your side.

True winners cannot be hypocrites. They don't try to deceive those who believe them or toy with people's emotions to harm those around them. 

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