70:20:10 Corporate training model

How do you make staff training more effective? Here is one approach suggested by Charles Jennings. His 70:20:10 concept makes for integrating corporate training into today's reality with maximum efficiency for the company. Let's take a closer look at the core of the concept.
70:20:10 Corporate training model. ManGO! Games

The model is built on the idea that only 10% of skills and knowledge are acquired in the classroom and from the literature. In this way, employees learn new things, update their view of innovations, and reconsider their current understanding of certain processes. About 20% of all knowledge they receive from their mentors, supervisors, and colleagues. That's when they become ready to experiment. The remaining 70% people gain by doing their main job.

The concept, therefore, takes corporate training out of the classroom and puts it in an employee's workspace.

A detailed explanation of Charles Jennings' vision can be found in his book, "70:20:10 Framework Explained".

The actual ratio may vary. Thus, in innovative companies, formal learning will account for 5%, followed by social learning for 55%, and experiential learning for 40%.

The main advantage of the model is the opportunity to redefine the learning approach and broaden the perception of the learning process.

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