Best online team-building ideas

With everyone working online, there is still time for team-building! How do companies run team-building activities online and what are the current leading trends? Let's figure it out.
Best online team-building ideas. ManGO! Games blog

Our team holds smart corporate events and team-building sessions both in an offline and online format.

We used to hold smart team-building sessions (business games) in a face-to-face format. Now with operating mostly online, we can compare the two approaches and make valuable conclusions. We now can safely say that once properly organized, online meetings are also effective in achieving business goals, improving necessary skills, as well as fostering high engagement and team-building. This is further aided by the wide variety of online event forms and ideas available.

Online workshop

A fairly simple option for online team-building, this one won't require any major expenditures. While online workshops may not touch upon working issues at all, they greatly enhance employees' performance and productivity by bringing them closer together. No one wants to fail a friend while performing a work task, that's why the purpose of a workshop is to turn colleagues into friends.

A team can run a workshop using their own resources or invite an outside professional facilitator. While the first option is more cost-effective, the second one is more likely to bring the desired result.

Flash mobs and Challenges

A great idea for online team-building is to offer your employees a tricky yet manageable challenge, and then share the results obtained. With a certain amount of time allocated to the initiative, feel free to hold regular Zoom meetings for the participants to discuss their progress and to motivate each other.

Collaborative creativity

You may be surprised to know that you can paint together with your colleagues through dedicated online services. Collaborative creativity activities also include writing books or making music. You can, of course, create a common goal tree or a Miro board to share your artistic and professional achievements.

Quizzes, intellectual duels, and competitions

Successful application of this format will require thorough preparation and a professional approach. Entrusted to the masters, however, it turns into not only an exciting but also a beneficial activity for both employees and the company. Tournaments and competitions offer a great way to bring the team together, develop expertise, and improve the company's efficiency. Feel free to request ManGO! Games to organize a negotiation competition.

The ideas for intellectual duels can be borrowed from existing TV shows, e.g. "Where's The Logic?", "Name That Tune", and "What? Where? When?". You can also find ready-made scenarios and online platforms for conducting these.

Online business games

Online games provide an excellent platform for team-building. A person to hold them requires professional training and an understanding as to why your team needs a business game. It's important to keep the participants' focused during the process, otherwise the time of both organizers and participants will be wasted. To make it worthwhile and fruitful for the company, seek the help of professionals to hold a business game. The ManGO! Games team always has effective online options to offer.

Online marathons

Challenges, marathons, and flash mobs all make great online team-building activities. For the marathon to produce a memorable experience, have it custom-made for your team exclusively. It is also appropriate to provide a prize for the winner.

Online library

Modern technology provides many open libraries, courses, and online platforms for self-development. Of particular value, however, is a library filled with employees' personal reviews and recommendations, including individual ones, like who in the team and for what purpose should read a particular book. The initiative can bring the team closer together, raise its members' intellectual level, and become an occasion for online meetings and thought-provoking discussions.

Chat room for inspiration

Having an additional chat room for artistic, non-business tasks is a great solution for all teams, not just the creative ones. Its content may include ideas for future implementation, mere creative findings, and motivational writing to bring members together and inspire them.

Online team-building benefits

Before you start exploring ideas, make sure you understand what you need team-building for. While this question may seem pointless at first glance, try to find the answer. Apart from giving the right direction for idea generation, it will also help a facilitator choose the best option to suit your needs if you prefer to outsource.

No matter what your specific task is, team-building activities are essential. Their major advantages include:

  • Emotional support. By mitigating the disadvantages of remote work and keeping the spirit alive, such events strengthen and stabilize the team.
  • Loyalty building. Crisis conditions force companies to cut costs, thereby reducing or canceling premiums and bonuses. Those who haven't, are at least admitting such a possibility in the future. Increasing employees' loyalty requires the company to take care of them and show that they are valued. One of the ways you can take care of your employees is through online team-building.
  • Performance improvement. Team-building activities, including online ones, increase the quality of communication, enhance group cohesion, and facilitate the pursuit of common goals. All that combined greatly improves business efficiency.

The optimal online team-building format differs for each company. If you are interested in a fun yet developmental activity, ManGO! Games is the right partner to turn to!

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