Methodolog Hack Online Hackathon. Nadyusha leads ManGO! Games team to the victory!

On December 16, 2020, the ManGO! Games team took part in the Methodolog Hack online hackathon as part of the BLENDED LEARNING online conference. And we won! Can't wait to share our experience and impressions with you.
Methodolog Hack Online Hackathon. Nadyusha leads ManGO! Games team to the victory!
How to train Generation Z employees? How to increase sales? How to get more profits while saving time and money on corporate training?

During the hackathon, we found the answers to these questions. And now we are ready to share our discoveries with you!

This year's pandemic-related restrictions forced us to give up a lot of things. Nevertheless, our team always gladly joins in the various online games and competitions. One example of such events was the recent hackathon, which we were pleased to "attend".


Our team faced the challenge of creating a program to teach Generation Z salespeople to increase their performance rates. Apart from finding a way to approach the young professionals, we had to solve the following problems:

  • Evoke their interest in studying the customer's product.
  • Teach them the basics of product presentation.
  • See objections as growth opportunities.
Above all, we only had 24 hours to do everything.


In the light of our team's experience of remote cooperation, we were able to come up with solutions to the above tasks rather quickly. After that, we identified our further steps, gathered and ranked emerging ideas, built concepts… And it was the Miro board that helped us see the whole picture of this "creative labor".

We defined our target audience,

made up typical characters and described their problems and desires,

settled on the learning concept,

outlined the training program's structure,

and, last but not least, we came up with a perfect sales structure for our product

to guarantee the result desired.

Finally, to ensure 100% success, we created Nadyusha.



First thing you need to know about Nadyusha is she's a chatbot. Her favorite thing to do is to be friends with guys and give them valuable advice about their life and work. And that's exactly what any typical salesperson needs, a light-hearted interaction with someone who gives them really useful advice and makes them feel more confident.

How to increase sales and what a salesperson needs

We used a survey to determine the common attributes of salespeople. This way, we gathered information about their lives' goals and aspirations. This is how Nadyusha was born and became the optimal solution for our situation. She is meant to help our made-up salesperson with his issues of concern, and he, most importantly, will listen to her.

Program structure

The sales team training program covers a two-month period and features two tracks and three key aspects. The tracks are designed to teach not only product but also sales management. And the three key aspects are as follows:

  1. Content.
  2. Tools.
  3. Gamification.

These are the answers to the main questions of learning, namely, what, by which means, and how we teach.

A significant advantage of the program is its scalability to meet any number of users.
So, what would engage a salesperson in taking this course? This is what we use gamification for. After all, the key gamification tasks are to attract, engage, retain, and evaluate.

Apart from other things, the training program is highly individualized, with one easily able to skip the theory and proceed to the testing part.

Our sales methodology we based on Zakrevsky's approach, which implies the exclusion of negative emotions. From the very beginning, Nadyusha focuses on the salesperson's negative emotions, such as fear, shame, and guilt - the ones that hinder him from making a good product proposal. What Nadyusha does is replace them with calmness, curiosity, and enjoyment. Once refreshed and reenergized by Nadyusha, our sales team is ready to move heaven and earth!
Speaking of the tools, we agreed to bring them together in a seamless ecosystem.

What's in it for the customer? He continually receives reports on the current performance evaluated by continuous measurements.
For this program to keep your business growing, you only need to put a share of your profits back into its development.

In the end, the jury greatly appreciated our efforts and awarded our team first place at the competition!