Online training 15.04.2020

Empowering online communication and facilitation skills under remote conditions. ManGO's another case

ManGO Games ran a second open online gathering to discuss the ways to maximize online event engagement. This time, we mainly focused on mastering the remote facilitation techniques.

The free online workshop on "How to Facilitate Online Meetings" was hosted by Oleg Koschinsky and Anna Kondratieva.
100 people
2 hours
The free online workshop on "How to Facilitate Online Meetings" was hosted by Oleg Koschinsky and Anna Kondratieva.
Mission: Give participants the skills necessary to facilitate remote discussions and introduce efficient tools for online interaction.

For a long time now, the ManGO! Games team has been holding regular business events to discuss topical issues in staff training and development. Once we forcibly switched to an online format, however, we began to look for alternative ways to maximize remote interaction with our loyal audience.

While our first remote gathering was devoted to the launch of remote cooperation, it mainly focused on introductory discussions in the mastermind groups. When it came to the second meeting, we decided to adopt a more intensive learning format of an online workshop.

How did it go:

With the number of participants exceeding 100, which was more than we had expected, we had to run another "encore" of the event. After all, training sessions are more effective when conducted in small groups. And yet, despite this level of excitement, all participants had the opportunity to work in mini groups. Notably, this was not just a methodological training tool, but also a subject of mastering, since it was exactly small-group collaboration skills we were focused on.


Following the workshop, each participant ended up with:
  • Algorithm for conducting online discussions and negotiations.
  • Online discussion checklist.
  • The exact scenario we used to deliver this training.
  • Supporting materials.
  • Reports from the event.
Most importantly, all of them gained the experience of participating in an online discussion session with efficient methods and free technical tools involved.
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