How to become the market leader and make the world a better place: SIBUR secrets

Changing ourselves and changing the world for the better is the mission of SIBUR, which the company fulfills by developing and expanding, developing and training its employees. How do they manage it? ManGO! Games knows the secrets of SIBUR from the inside.

It is high standards, a strong system of corporate training and regular training of a team of internal trainers.
200 people
Several months
How to become the market leader and make the world a better place: SIBUR secrets.
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History. SIBUR is the largest integrated petrochemical company in Russia, processing by-products of oil and gas production into plastics, rubbers and other high value-added products. At ManGO! Games and SIBUR have a long-term close cooperation. Our team is trusted with responsible projects, among which are the standardization of the training center and the training of internal trainers.

The task. This year, the company continued the practice of training internal trainers, who will be engaged in technical training for both new and long-term employees.

The Process

Training at SIBUR is a continuous process. This is provided by company standards.

The candidates were selected, formed into groups, and ManGO! Games was invited to train them.

Training of trainers

ManGO! Games business trainers Svetlana Lukyanova and Vyacheslav Kirin conduct online and face-to-face training in Kazan, Tobolsk, and Moscow.

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A feature of our program is the division into online and offline training, which is very important for many companies that understand that in the future, due to many circumstances, they need to get used to hybrid training to be able to transfer knowledge with the same quality both in person and online.

Particularly valuable for the company will be universal trainers who are able to conduct training both in the classroom and online.

Why is it worth attracting providers from outside to train internal trainers? There are several reasons.
There is one indisputable advantage in attracting an external provider. When training your employees to coach within the company, it is difficult to ignore their backgrounds - character, status, previous relationships and place in the current hierarchy. In such a situation, there is a risk of inadequate, formal, training of representatives of high positions.

For an external trainer, all participants are equal, which works as an advantage for the trainees - everyone goes through the full path, including difficult sections that require leaving the comfort zone. The external trainer treats each participant with the same respect and the same demands and will provide everyone with a full-fledged training.

In addition, employees internally communicate in their own language, while the external trainer will use universal terms, which will allow more effective training of interns who are not yet familiar with the internal professional vocabulary. An external coach can teach how to make the complex simple and help future coaches see the process through the eyes of a beginner.
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