Team session, 20.04.19

Team session for Kaspersky Lab coaches

The joint project with Kaspersky Lab set an impressive goal for ManGO! Games team. Our facilitators were to help the customer's coaching team develop the competencies of integration, proactivity, and change management.
20 people
6 hours
Kaspersky Lab

For that, we organized a team session that comprised the following components:
  • team exercises
  • change attitude survey
  • theoretical studies of change models
  • teamwork facilitation sessions
  • feedback sessions
The team exercise diversity is worthy of special attention. Our combined efforts with our colleagues at Kaspersky Lab included:
  • building a picture of the department's future
  • holding a battle game to promote integration
  • boosting the trainees' change adaptation and forecasting skills
  • discussing team members' individual "portraits" of attitudes toward change
  • creating a project fair to promote the department transformation


  • The Kaspersky Lab coaching team formed a coherent picture of the department's future
  • the coaches integrated their projects into the department's strategy
  • the session participants obtained a "portrait" of their own attitudes toward change
  • colleagues practiced the change management skills and models to build trust and cohesion within the team
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