Business Game 25.11.21, Moscow

The Bank Job game for Rosagroleasing promotes collective responsibility

We gladly present the ManGO! Games case for Rosagroleasing. The company's management sees great importance in promoting collective responsibility, commitment to a common goal, and the perception of the company as a whole.
25 people
3 hours
The Bank Job game for Rosagroleasing promotes collective responsibility. ManGO! Games Portfolio
Mission. The ManGO! Games team was tasked to strengthen the in-house customer focus, while also learning creativity and ingenuity in solving even mundane tasks.

Background. The game participants were the accounting department employees, who showed great intra-team chemistry but not enough openness to interact with other company units. The aim was to enhance collective responsibility and commitment to a common goal.

The Bank Job game turned out to be perfect for this task. Despite an element of competitive rivalry between participating groups, it still entails teamwork, group management, and cooperation in achieving a common result.

Solution. Hold the Bank Job game in an offline format.

How did it go

The Bank Job is one of our customers' most favorite business games. It is the detective gameplay and trendy quest format that appeals to the participants and ensures instant immersion. As a result, every session brings vivid emotions and profound discoveries.

In November, we ran this game in Moscow for 25 employees of Rosagroleasing company.


The participants play for four police officers from four London divisions (North, South, West, or East). They have 90 minutes to solve the bank robbery. Before indicating the terrorists' location on the map, the officers must figure out how they got there. Otherwise, the Chief will not authorize the arrest. One smallest mistake would ruin the police image and provoke unnecessary media attention…


The players will have to work under time, money, and communication constraints.
Acting alone, none of them can buy all the options (clues), and each team is limited to a certain amount of in-game money.

The winning team will be the one to receive a Legion of Honor from the Queen. If the terrorists remain undiscovered, however, all teams lose.


The game laid the foundation for enhanced cross-functional interaction and harmonious cooperation between different departments of the company. During the game, each participant had a chance to feel a part of the whole.


In the follow-up discussion, the participants touched on the issues of trust and empathy, drew important conclusions, and even came up with cross-team interaction guidelines.
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