Online training. 18.06.2020

We are not afraid of the black swan: ManGO's antifragility online training

After a 2-month adaptation period to the changed reality, the newly minted digital coaches were ready to teach antifragility, i. e. the ability to take advantage of change and instability.
50 people
2 hours
Mission: Prepare the participants for an unstable and volatile world through developing antifragility skills to later be used in their daily lives and work.

Our decision was to run an online training session dedicated to a rather pressing topic of antifragility. We also saw it as a great opportunity to showcase the results of the online coaching course within ManGO's in-house digital lab.

Solution: "Antifragility: a strategy for surviving instability." ManGO! Games online training.

How did it go:

The participants were to jointly elaborate and present their solutions. Among other things, they compiled the Antifragility Library and gladly shared their feedback on helpful books to enhance antifragility skills.


As shown in the final survey, 39% of participants expressed their readiness to apply the skills acquired any moment now. They also admitted how important it is to see your insights and ideas resonating with other people.

One more thing we are grateful for is healthy criticism and improvement suggestions from participants. This way, you help us get better!
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