"Kimberly Clark" 24.06.19

Team-building training for Kimberly Clark's Middle East marketing unit

Apart from Russian projects, the ManGO! Games team also works with international ones. Fluent in English, our coaches Andrei Lapiga and Roman Simdyanov both communicate at a native speaker level.

The Kimberly Clark project posed an ambitious challenge before us. With the Middle East marketing team only recently formed, the colleagues needed a trust-building team session to establish a favorable working environment.
9 people
8 hours
Kimberly Clark
The primary goal of team-building training is to help participants develop an effective collaborative approach to achieve common goals and objectives.

All in all, the session produced the following results:
  • The participants elaborated a common vision, goals, along with team rules and values;
  • They exchanged their ideas and experiences to form a basis for effective collaboration;
  • Through a brainstorming session, the trainees came up with many ideas to foster a positive environment and strengthen team spirit. 
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