Online facilitation. December, 2020

ManGO! Games team helps Siemens master effective online facilitation

Online facilitation is not just another approach, but science that combines expertise in facilitation techniques with knowledge of online training tools.

To penetrate the secrets of this science, Siemens employees followed experienced facilitators from ManGO! Games. In this article, we will present the details of this case and share a few tips and how-tos on the matter.
10 people
3 hours
ManGO! team helps Siemens master effective online facilitation
Mission. Teach the company's employees online facilitation skills.

Background. As the pandemic forced businesses to move online, many of them failed to find and master the tools they needed to achieve the desired efficiency of online joint activities. In an effort to do this, the Siemens company turned to the ManGO! Games team.

Solution. Deliver an online facilitation course.

How did it go

The program incorporated a series of synchronous training sessions interspersed with practical exercises for the participants to become aware of existing online tools.

The participants developed an understanding of the concept of facilitation and a facilitator's role, studied the facilitation session writing and delivery techniques, and learned about the technical aspect of online facilitation.


The training helped all the participants master the basic facilitation techniques. The next step is to put those into practice to gain invaluable experience. Deeply satisfied with the training results, the customer expressed a desire for further cooperation.
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