Online championship. November-December 2020

Kimberly-Clark's annual negotiation competition

ManGO! Games team held the annual negotiation competition for Kimberly-Clark company. The event brought together employees from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.
45 people
6 weeks
Kimberly-Clark's annual negotiation competition
Mission: Repeat last year's experience and run a negotiation competition that has become the company's corporate tradition.


The online negotiation competition that took place last year was a real celebration for the participants. Now that the year has passed, the company wants to repeat the successful experience while improving the negotiating skills of the new group of managers at the same time.

Competition process

The participants went through six weeks of intensive training to improve their negotiation skills.

The contestants who scored the maximum number of points after four weeks made it to the Grand Finale. The competition's most exciting round is to determine the company's best negotiator! What made the finals even more intriguing is that the last year's event envisioned a prize for the most accurate winner prediction.


The competition provided the participants with an opportunity to practice different negotiation strategies and evaluate their effectiveness. They also improved their planning, decision-making, and strategic thinking skills, while gaining expertise in leadership, emotion management, and stress management for efficient negotiation.
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