Business Game. August, 2021

From Routine to Conscious Change with AUTOKOREKTA

Are your staff members bogged down in routine, lacking creativity and the will to change? If you carry on like this, very soon you will end up losing to your competitors. To keep that from happening, you better work on your employees' change management skills.

How to turn routine into a conscious commitment to results, flexibility, independence, responsibility, and idea generation? The company gave its pharmaceutical reps this kind of transformation with the AUTOKOREKTA game.
15 people
4 hours
Large pharmaceutical company
From Routine to Conscious Change with AUTOKOREKTA
Mission: Hold the AUTOKOREKTA business game and the follow-up facilitation session in an offline format.


The initiator of the project was a world-renowned pharmaceutical holding. Ranking among the top 10 companies for selling prescription drugs.

The executives have scheduled a business game session for 15 regional pharmaceutical representatives, all of whom perform the same functions but in different regions. Although being great at handling textbook scenarios, they are unused to approaching their tasks holistically, finding growth points, and showing flexibility to improve their own and the whole company's performance.
The game was expected to transform the participants' view of their work, their role, and their responsibility.

Solution. A perfect solution for such a challenge, the AUTOKOREKTA business game was customized for the client's needs and facilitated by a follow-up team session.

AUTOKOREKTA is a change management business game. Through simple mechanics, time pressure, and strong group competition, it produces great engagement and emotional commitment to change.

How did it go

The game scenario entails participants traveling into the future when the automotive industry has undergone revolutionary changes and calls for a radically renewed approach. With new car models in demand, the market leaders must cope with the intensely competitive environment. The only way to win is through flexibility and willingness to change.

The follow-up team session offered plenty of things to reconsider and discuss, too. It will take a whole facilitation series for the participants to work out a strategic vision for their regions' development.


The comprehensive analysis of the work done gave the customer useful recommendations for the future.
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