Business Game. 19.01.19

Dukes and Sprouts business game for VIC

Dukes and Sprouts is one of the most popular games we have in our arsenal. With this degree of adventurous spirit, not even its most passive players are left behind!
200 people
4 hours


We invited our colleagues from the VIC company to plunge into the gaming atmosphere of an ancient Slavic state and take on one of the following roles: Supreme Knyaz, Boyar, Vassal, Peasant, or Merchant.

The interactive and dynamic game session set a common goal before the participants to achieve the prosperity of the ancient Russian state. At the same time, however, each player was to pursue his or her own personal goal of upgrading their characters to maximize the in-game performance.


Once again, the ManGO! Games team skillfully exploited the game format to recreate an entire corporate system for the participants. This approach provided a relaxed environment for the colleagues to improve their communication and teamwork skills.


Once the game was over, the participants came together in a structured facilitation session to analyze the gained experience and formulate specific ideas to improve their efficiency in the following areas:
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Mutual goal achievement
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