12.10.21. Business Game, facilitation

Lead Out for EGIS-RUS: A perfect way to master team success in business

A luxurious setting of Radisson Resort, Zavidovo became the venue of the Leadout game session and team-building facilitation for the EGIS company's employees. Another successful case for us to share with you.
80 people
4 hours
Lead Out for EGIS-RUS: A perfect way to master team success in business. ManGO! Games Portfolio
Mission. Run an event to practice effective teamwork skills and identify further growth areas.

Background. EGIS is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is known for its continuous efforts in staff development. A rather clear goal they set before us was to hold a business game to practice the team interaction and decision-making skills and to offer an alternative to the routine business approach.

The Leadout game turned out to be perfect for this task.

Solution. Hold the Leadout business game for Egis Rus company on October 12, 2021 in an offline format.

How did it go

The game was hosted by Oleg Koschinsky assisted by four moderators. The participants' level assessment and growth area identification followed the SERVIER leadership model.

As the game began, the participants were divided into 8 teams to form affiliates of a major land exploration company commissioned by the Winegrowers' Union. Following the in-game legend, the players received a plot of land with 144 sectors closed. Paying 1,000 points for unlocking each site, a team scored 2,000 points for discovering a fertile one. The most efficient team won the game.


The outcomes of the event were discussed in a follow-up facilitation session. The teams talked about their performance, accomplished and failed goals, drew parallels between the game and business communication processes, and deduced possible future improvements.
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