Facilitation. 26-27.09.2019

Kimberly-Clark plant employees reach a common professional understanding

Kimberly-Clark plant in Stupino near Moscow, a well-known manufacturer of Huggies diapers, goes through a period of rapid development with new job openings and steady performance acceleration.

Still, despite the evident progress and excellence, the plant's executive has taken a proactive approach towards personnel development and team-building.

This prompted his decision to invite ManGO! Games professionals to organize a team-building session to improve mutual understanding and teamwork.
8 people
2 day
Mission. Hold a team-building session to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation among the plant employees.


With the facility's ongoing growth and development, new people arriving to join and interact with long-established teams, and existing employees changing positions and statuses over time, the staff may subsequently react in a variety of ways.

The executive's request was to create a breeding ground for new people to integrate within the team and for better mutual understanding between the employees.

How did it go:

The first day of the training was devoted to analyzing and discussing the results of the DISC test. The second one, meanwhile, focused on the feedback gathered from team members prior to the session.

Each participant did a written evaluation of their colleagues using the criteria chosen by the executive as the ones most important and prioritized. This data was then compiled into an individual radar chart for each team and each participant.

The session incorporated face-to-face feedback sessions between the employees. Our facilitator, Andrei Lapiga, assisted the participants in expressing their opinions in a way to ensure the maximum constructiveness of the dialogue.


First and foremost, these efforts resulted in a growth plan developed individually for each participant. The trainees also analyzed the structure of the DISC test and studied the peculiarities of different personality types as something to be adapted to and tolerated.
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