Online Business Game. Summer, 2021

ManGOLD & Co. Scalable games with inward delivery from ManGO! Games

This is the first time we have released our own online game developed on an in-house software platform. By doing so, we're taking the next step in our persistent movement toward scalable digital business games. Our first robin, the ManGOLD online game, makes our products even more accessible to companies looking for a game-based way to develop their employees.
10 – 100+
2 – 4 hours
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ManGOLD & Co. Scalable games with inward delivery from ManGO! Games

About ManGOLD

An original technical solution, ManGOLD marks our new level of sophistication in game engineering. After all, this is the first game our team has developed on a software platform. And we believe the next ones to not be far behind, especially since we are already moving in that direction.

The game is a product of our joint efforts with the programming team. What the gaming platform allowed us to do is optimize costs without losing quality, something many customers can only dream about. With the game interface being easy for everyone to use, there are no moderators or technical support required.

Other features of the game include its scalability and ready-made scenarios. With each move and scoring being automated, our customers can now run different scenarios and get different outcomes every time.

Due to the variety of scenarios, one can play the game over and over again, exploring all the possible strategies.

We usually come up with a bright, colorful metaphor for our products. Our games send participants to outer space or medieval states, turn them into football moguls, or lead across the desert rocks. Compared to that, ManGOLD incorporates a rather down-to-earth metaphor, which doesn't make the game any less interesting. On the contrary, it is nothing but a real full-fledged business simulator.

What is ManGOLD?

ManGOLD is an interactive online team simulation for staff development, engagement, and evaluation.

The number of players may vary from ten to infinity.

ManGOLD turns players into major business owners and puts them in fiercely competitive market conditions. The task of each team is to ensure their company's the highest value by the end of the game.
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