Facilitation. 24.10.19

The annual PRO Catalysis Forum, the catalyst plant ground-breaking ceremony, and ManGO!Games networking

On October 24, 2019, the Courtyard Marriott St. Petersburg Pushkin Hotel hosted the third annual PRO Catalysis Forum conference themed "Russian Catalysts".

One of the conference's special features was a live broadcast from Omsk covering the ground-breaking of Russia's first catalyst plant.

The event was moderated by one of ManGO's most experienced facilitators, Oleg Koschinsky. Among other things, he was required to establish effective interaction and involvement of the high-ranking participants: domestic and foreign scientists, industrialists, developers, and businessmen.

This project gave the ManGO! Games team a chance to witness and participate in a milestone event for the Russian industry.
130 people
1 day
Mission. Host the PRO Catalysis Forum to ensure effective interaction and a fruitful exchange of views among 170 high-profile attendees from different countries and areas of activity.


For several years, catalysts have been a regular topic of discussion at Gazprom's thematic conference now about to take place for the third time. It was only this year, however, that the discussion produced tangible results. More precisely, it was decided to build Russia's own catalyst plant.

Needless to say, the completion of research and the launch of the plant construction became an important event for Gazprom company. It was not by chance that the ground-breaking ceremony for the plant was held during the annual PRO Catalysis Forum. This year, the event was unusually festive, with high-level guests and a live feed from another city.

Co-organized by PJSC Gazprom Neft and Gazprom Neft - Catalytic Systems LLC, the conference was meant to be held at the highest level. The core idea was to bring the world's experts together around the catalyst theme, along with drawing public attention both to the event itself and the issue of Russian catalyst development.

That's why it was particularly important to invite an experienced facilitator, not just a regular host, to run the conference. After all, he was intended to ensure interactive and beneficial communication between the participants, not just their passive attendance as spectators.

The conference was planned to discuss a wide range of practical issues related to catalytic oil refining processes.

The facilitator's task, respectively, was to make this experience as engaging, participatory, and rewarding as possible.

How did it go:

The conference turned out to be, indeed, very special event. Apart from professional discussions and debates over a wide range of practical issues related to catalytic oil refining processes, it featured a live feed from Omsk. The broadcast covered the groundbreaking ceremony for Russia's first catalyst plant, which is expected to begin supplying its products to the Russian market in just two years' time.

Специалистами ManGO! Games был разработан сценарий сессии, включающий общение участникоМ (наверное, участников?) The ManGO! Games team developed a scenario for a communication session between the participants. Passing along the thematic sections with advanced questions and answers, they had a chance to meet each other, as well as to exchange and discuss their opinions. The event featured other activities including Q&A sessions and dialogues and culminated with the Best Speaker award ceremony to honor the most valuable presentations.

In the end, we can safely claim to meet the initiators' expectations. All the way through the intense exchange of experiences, the participants demonstrated a high level of activity and engagement. The fact that most of them stayed until the very end of the event serves as a valid indication of it being held at the highest level.
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