Online training. October 5, 2021

The All-Solving Brief

As part of the training series for British American Tobacco, we held an online session on how to use briefs as a tool to make powerful and effective presentations, leaving 330 participants fully armed with new skills and knowledge!

The All-Solving Brief online training was hosted by Svetlana Lukyanova and Alexander Babin.
330 people
3 hours
British American Tobacco
The All-Solving Brief. ManGO! Games Portfolio
Mission. A training series in online and offline formats.

Background. BAT, a major British multinational company, has scheduled professional training for the sales workforce. We at ManGO! Games were tasked with designing and delivering 5 training programs in both online and offline formats. The competencies included Time-, Task-, Project Management, Presentation and Briefing Skills, Critical Thinking and Quality Decision Making, Argumentation and Counterargumentation in Discussions and Negotiations.

Solution. Based on the above-listed topics, we have devised online and offline activities for the company. One of this program's key activities was an online training session on creating a presentation to best fit the customer's needs and objectives.

How did it go

How to handle a customer's unclear formulation of the presentation purpose, read the customer's thoughts, and avoid the myriad of reviews and edits? There is one answer to all these questions: the brief. The All-Solving Brief.
After a three-hour intensive session with ManGO! Games coaches, our participants witnessed that at first hand. With this clear and simple presentation tool under their belt, not only will they forget about their customers' flaws but reach a whole new level of communicating with them.

The two hosts turned online training into a heuristic performance - an intriguing dialogue between participants, with everyone playing their parts brilliantly.


As three hours flew by in a blink, 330 employees learned how to use briefs to make effective presentations.

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