L'Oreal. 30.05.19

Green Up the Planet: feedback culture game for L'Oreal

L'Oreal representatives took part in Green Up the Planet game session. It proved to be a perfect solution to teach the company's employees to competently request, provide, and receive feedback.

The success was largely facilitated by the in-game experience of business interaction in a variety of roles.

L'Oreal management rightly believes feedback to be a powerful development tool, as long as you know how to use it properly.
36 people
4 hours

Mission. Conduct a "feedback week" and, in particular, a business game to improve the skills necessary for organizing feedback sessions.

Background. One of the company's latest insights was the importance of providing and receiving feedback at different levels. The feedback week practice was supposed to address this need, with the implementation of appropriate standards and active development of feedback culture on all company levels.

How did it go:

While The Exporters game seemed best suited to the stated purpose, the story about cars and components didn't work well for L'Oreal, the company bringing beauty to the world and protecting the environment. That's when we came up with the "environmental" storyline, naming the newly launched game "Green Up the Planet". Through further joint efforts of the organizers and company executives, the game was adapted to meet corporate standards.

Game process. Upon discovering the planet "L'Oreal", the earthlings manage to establish regular interplanetary communication. With no plants initially growing on this planet, earthly flowers and trees adapt to its conditions surprisingly well. The international government, in turn, divided the planet into separate parts to be patronized by different countries. There is, of course, a company that handles the greening process. As the game progresses, customers from different countries approach it to buy flowers and trees of their own preference. The final goal is to beautify the planet by building gardens and flower beds.

Following each round, clients provided feedback with stickers and verbal statements. The feedback sessions also incorporated short Q&A sessions.


All in all, the game strengthened corporate values and practiced the employees' feedback skills to correspond to the company's growth models. In the meantime, it enabled these very models to be successfully tested to prove their logicality and relevance.
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