Online program. Spring, Summer. 2020

Online decision-making training. ManGO!'s 3 Crisis Skills case – 2

Kimberly-Clark leadership identified stress prevention, situation management, and risk analysis as the most important anti-crisis skills. Our ongoing activity is focused on the second skill, situation management, and we are more than glad to share this case with you.
more than 80 people
2x2h 6+ modules
Online decision-making training. ManGO!'s 3 Crisis Skills case – 2
Mission: Run online training to practice the three most relevant skills and improve the employees' morale, efficiency, and commitment to confront challenges. Skill No. 2: Situation management.


Kimberly-Clark identified the most relevant crisis management skills to be mastered by their employees. The online training will be attended by employees from three countries, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia.


Devise and deliver a mixed-format 3 Crisis Skills online program. Due to the program's non-binding nature, anyone interested is welcome to participate.

Training process

The product of joint efforts of ManGO! expert team, the course employs the lifelong learning concept. ManGO! Games.


Through studying the problems covered in the module, the participants acquire real working solutions vital to a successful business. The further work actions of the course participants are expected to improve the company's efficiency. All in all, it makes a prime example of how training affects each employee's actual job and the company's overall performance.
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