Online training. Spring Summer 2020

Kimberly-Clark identifies and develops the 3 key crisis skills of today. ManGO's case – 1

Kimberly-Clark identified the three most important skills to launch online training to strengthen those. Read on to get details on 3 key topics, 6 modules, a mixed online format, and the first results of this fascinating case.
> 80 people
24 hours
Kimberly-Clark identifies and develops the 3 key crisis skills of today. ManGO's case – 1
Mission: Hold online training to cover the three currently most important skills to improve employees' morale, efficiency, and commitment to challenges.

How can we stay in control of today's world, a world that brings us more and more slashing surprises every day? Is it something we can learn with only an online training format available? These are the challenges the ManGO! Games team faced as we were invited to Kimberly-Clark to teach today's core crisis skills. The training was to be delivered to remote employees spread across three countries - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Devise and deliver a mixed-format online program including self-study, synchronous learning, and team interaction sessions. The program should be structured around three main topics, each, in turn, composed of two modules.


First of all, Kimberly-Clark held an in-house assessment to find out the most important skills for their employees today. The following three topics were identified as the most pressing and high-priority, especially in times of pandemics and uncertainty:

  • Stress Management.
  • Situational Analysis.
  • Risk Analysis.
The training program is targeted at sales professionals i.e. key account managers and area sales managers.

The training is expected to teach Kimberly-Clark employees the nuances of in-depth decision making, thinking ahead, and developing the optimum strategy based on the possible consequences and risks.


Throughout the training, our team succeeded in developing the necessary skills while fostering participants' engagement and inclusion. Over 80 people volunteered to join the program, with new entrants steadily emerging in the process.

While the level of involvement is incredible, new participants are rushing to complete the tasks missed to catch up with those who joined the project at its very beginning.

Most importantly, the program is still ongoing, so the main results are yet to come.
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