"Mercedes Benz Financial" 15.08.19

Change management training for Mercedes Benz Financial

To maintain industrial leadership, Mercedes Benz Financial is undergoing continuous changes in employees' areas of responsibility and teams' composition. The good thing is, the company's management understands the need to support such transformations. We were invited to deliver a change management program and a business game for the managerial team to ensure employees' effectiveness in coping with change and passing this culture on to their subordinates.
20 people
5 hours
Mercedes Benz

So, what were the results of the change management training?
  • The colleagues gained a deeper understanding of the in-house change processes
  • Mutual respect among managers became even greater
  • The participants realized that the issue of each person's inner struggle with change is under-resolved in business
  • The team agreed on the importance of supporting each other during a transformation period
  • The training greatly improved the participants' team-building and change management skills
Finally, the main conclusion made by the trainees was, "Nothing is impossible"!
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