Online training 28.05.2020

ManGO! Games online training participants get the resilience recipe and energy boost from Grigory Kramskoy

Going through tough real-life situations and staying a resilient leader is a vital topic to be best handled by a certified coach and psychologist. That's why we chose Grigory Kramskoy as an invited expert for ManGO's latest online training session! A so-called strategic navigator, he's spent 29 years professionally educating people through his own Live Strategy methodology. Another successful case to share with you!
50 people
2 hours
Mission: Deliver an online resilience training session to practice online facilitation skills and empower participants with valuable knowledge and skills for successful crisis adaptation and management.

Bringing along the global crisis and forced remote work, the pandemic has become a great challenge for many office workers. At the same time, being a leader means not just supporting your team and leading them to success, but also maintaining your own morale and resilience. Something all of ManGO's guests and colleagues need today! Apart from moral support, we need to provide our friends with professional knowledge and resilience skills.

We invited Grigory Kramskoy, a talented and experienced business coach, to teach our participants the best ways to cope with life's challenges through interactive sessions.

How did it go:

Our online meetings traditionally start with going over the rules of online training and practicing online interaction skills through time-tested tools and procedures:

  • Zoom videoconferencing platform.
  • Mural online facilitation board.
  • Surveygizmo survey system.
  • WhatsApp chat for support and technical assistance.
The training comprised a series of practical exercises interspersed with intensive theoretical and restudying sessions.

The participants brainstormed their strongest ideas, practiced mini-group reframing, all while constantly exchanging impressions and ideas with each other. Even though the time flew by quickly, all the participants ended up with lots of ideas and a roadmap for further improvement.


Nothing speaks to the results better than the feedback we received from our participants following the training.

Here are some things the participants particularly appreciated:

  • Interactivity and engagement.
  • Synchronized teamwork.
  • An open atmosphere to freely exchange ideas.
  • The chance to produce and propose your own ideas and thoughts.
  • Group facilitation.
  • Feedback, interactivity.
  • Interesting facilitator and up-to-date content.
  • Technical support helping with challenges and hiccups.
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