Online program, July 2020

Learning to take risks: Kimberly-Clark masters the risk management techniques

Kimberly-Clark chose "risk analysis" as the third skill to be covered in the 3 Crisis Skills program. The training participants were to master different risk analysis techniques, build individual risk matrices, and even gamble! Now they're ready to interact with the VUCA world!
> 80 people
2x2h x 6 modules +
Learning to take risks: Kimberly-Clark masters the risk management techniques
Mission: Hold an online course to change employees' work-related risk attitude.


The company employees ranked risk analysis as one of the skills of greatest importance to be mastered within the 3 Crisis Skills online program. The purpose of the course was to teach participants to neither be afraid of difficulties nor to avoid them. Still, before "betting on red", they should be able to soberly assess the acceptable level of risk and identify risk events beforehand.


Devise two risk management training modules for the 3 Skills online program, bringing in experts on risk analysis to facilitate their preparation and delivery.

Training process

Sober risk assessment takes knowledge of their identification and evaluation methods, along with the ability to devise a customized risk management system when required by a personal master plan.

The training aimed to teach the participants to design their own personal risk management system through a prior understanding of all the important nuances.


Most importantly, the participants gained the ability to assess the likelihood of risks to enhance decision-making efficiency. After the training, many of them elaborated a more conscious approach to decision-making and such concepts as critical risk, insignificant risk, high probability, etc. Day by day, we could watch our participants' risk management proficiency increase. For some of them, the newfound skills have even affected ongoing work decisions.
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