09.02.21. Workshop + Online Business Game

A successful and efficient way to digitize a game

A cozy, open meeting we held recently gathered everyone interested in making online business games. The focus of the event was professional and informative communication, with a valuable and heartwarming game session afterwards.

We can say for certain that our online creative lab has grown beyond its boundaries! We really appreciate our wonderful guests and look forward to meeting them again any time soon!
15 people
3 hours
A successful and efficient way to digitize a game
Mission. Teaching the specifics of converting a game from face-to-face to online format.

The target audience of the event included all those facing the task of translating an offline game to an online format. It provides all the necessary information on when and how this can be done effectively.

The workshop featured the developers of the Desert Rock Treasures game. Not only did they manage to successfully convert it to an online format, but they also took part in testing, delivering, and moderating the end product.

All that provided a reflective retrospective on the project (see the "Treasures" case), revealing the possible pitfalls and tricks of digitizing business games.

How did it go

The ManGO! Games team provided the participants with useful tips and life hacks, group activities, gaming practices, and, of course, a positive emotional experience.


The course taught the participants a lot about online business games and answered the unresolved questions they faced when trying to organize one for their colleagues. Direct participation of some attendees in the creation of online business games made the communication even more informative and useful for all involved. Thanks to the mutually beneficial dialogue on an equal footing, we had a chance to share our experience and learn from someone else's. It was a great pleasure to open the online lab doors for our dear colleagues!
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