Smart teambuilding, 19.09.2020, Moscow

Houston, we have a challenge: promote the pro-active and result-oriented approach. Smart Team Building for Leaders

This is the story about successful companies practicing important competencies, engaging their staff members, and steadily pursuing their goals and objectives.

We held a smart team-building session for a modular construction solution company owning the Modulbau brand. For more comprehensive troubleshooting, we used a combination of "Houston, We Have a Problem" and "Symbols" games. 3 hours flew by in a breath! Read on to learn more about the case.
50 people
3 hours
"Houston, we have a problem" + "Symbols" business games for a modular construction solution company owning the Modulbau brand
Mission: Hold a team-building session to promote the pro-active and result-oriented approach.


The young, progressive, and ambitious company known by its own in-house Modulbau brand develops modular solutions for sanitary facilities in partnership with various construction companies. Being a market leader, the company is committed to further expansion and pays a lot of attention to the development of its staff, which right now amounts to nearly 300 people.

This is exactly the kind of company that knows what it wants. Its executive believes that it takes a certain attitude toward people and employee engagement to become a market leader. This actually brings us to the company's key values - satisfied customers, effective operations, innovative solutions, close team collaboration, time efficiency, and professional satisfaction.

To make sure all of its employees stay happy and engaged in their day-to-day activities, the company holds regular business game sessions to foster important communicative skills and just let them have a great time.

During the post-survey strategic session, the staff members were to identify the most important competencies to comply with the company's values, as well as to set the immediate task to be solved in the course of our event.

The business game's primary focus was the development of two competencies: commitment to results and proactivity. We also selected a team-building session as the best-suited format for the event.

How did it go

Our idea was to hold the "Houston, We Have A Problem" game with the elements of the "Symbols" game. With enough time allotted, about 3 hours, we thought we could combine the two games to create a better in-game experience while giving the participants a more comprehensive reflection than they would have in a classic "Houston".

The event took place in the elite Marco Polo Presnja Hotel on a weekend. The employees took it as another opportunity to spend time together, which they seemingly never stop enjoying.

Game plot. Astronaut crews came to the Moon on independent missions, when a problem arose: a vitally important life-support system shut down! A problem like this takes considerable effort to cope with.

Game process

"Symbols" game elements found successful application during the astronauts' primary training and space flight.
This unforgettable experience enabled the employees to make important intra-team discoveries. The game culminated with the astronauts running out of oxygen to complete one of the tasks - to plant the flag. It sure was a tough choice: values or results? What is more important: a person's life or the completion of a task? Which kind of success is better: a one-time or a long-term one? All in all, the game highlighted many significant moral, managerial, and ethical nuances.


Rather life-affirming, the conclusive findings of the event state that if you want to build a dream company, you have to constantly develop your employees. That's something you can't put a price on.
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