Business Games. August, 2021. Saratov

ManGO!'s open game session in Saratov: lots of new friends and emotions!

The ManGO! Games team was invited to visit Saratov by the Delovar club. Here, we ran demo sessions of the AUTOKOREKTA and Dukes&Sprouts business games. Among the guests invited were local business representatives and staff development specialists.
22 people
4 hours
ManGO!'s open game session in Saratov: lots of new friends and emotions!
The purpose of the gathering was to introduce game practices and learn to use business games to achieve developmental and corporate goals.

At the end of the session, the participants gained experience in business games and made some valuable conclusions.

What makes AUTOKOREKTA one of our most popular games? It is a perfect reflection of the ongoing business situation: with so many things changing, one cannot succeed and outrun the competition by operating in an old-fashioned way. It takes new ideas, innovation, business climate analysis, and changes. The key point of the game is that you can't succeed without change. Besids, AUTOKOREKTA is available both in offline and online formats.


Apart from showing the importance of change, the game also indicates the level of commitment to change - in action, and not just in words. When a company decides to try new things, it often faces the challenge of giving up the old. What happens then is a real test for commitment to change. Change always comes with a risk, and not everyone is willing to take that risk for fear of losing what they have already achieved. The game aims to simply help people realize all this.

Our game statistics show that despite the theoretical commitment to change, only up to 30% of participants, on average, are actually willing to try new things. In Saratov, this figure was even slightly lower, which made AUTOKOREKTA particularly relevant to the players.

But what makes change so important? In evolving market conditions, sooner or later your business efforts will become irrelevant. That way, you can lose the entire niche to those who dared to innovate and move past obsolete technologies.

The clear conclusion is, it is important for the company to be aware of the need for change and know how to manage it. If you find this issue pressing for your company, try holding the AUTOKOREKTA game for your employees.

Dukes and Sprouts

The second game was one of the world's best-sellers, Dukes and Sprouts: a simulation that sets no limits on each participant's creativity! A visual projection of the hierarchical corporate structure, the game offers many insights into improving real-life performance and communication.
As many companies still don't grasp the business game potential, our meeting was designed to rectify this situation. We hope that Saratov companies will continue to adopt the game format for their employees' development and talent sourcing, thus becoming more efficient and attractive employers.
Thank you, Saratov, for the vivid emotions, spirited discussions, and new friends!
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