Online program. Spring-2019

Focus development course for Kimberly-Clark: online training + end-to-end gamification

Once again, Kimberly-Clark invited the ManGO! Games team to run a corporate training session. Having completed our online course based on end-to-end gamification, both middle and senior specialists became more prepared for high managerial positions.
35 people
6 х 1,5 hours
Mission: The basic-level corporate training program was to teach prioritized skills to 35 employees online and yet with maximum involvement. This was expected to prepare middle- and senior-level professionals for their future supervisory responsibilities.

Under the policy of talent pool continuous updating, Kimberly Clark has opted to the advance preparation of future executives. Always open for new experiments and effective training formats, this time the company decided to organize online training.

Having studied the methodology available, we decided on distance, synchronous, and homework-based formats.

Training process:

The following topics were chosen to build the core of the course:
  • Effective Communication and Influence.
  • Decision-Making.
  • Planning.
  • Negotiations.
  • Personal Brand Development.
  • Efficient Presentations.
The ManGO team's expertise in corporate training and game-based education enabled us to create a course that incorporated remote training activities interspersed with hands-on exercises, all to form a solid gamified learning process.

Among things gamified were personal achievements, the performance of mini-teams, or so-called clans, as well as fulfillment of optional bonus tasks. Giving bonus scores to those to pass the "extra mile" encouraged participants to assume greater responsibilities, something rarely accomplished without gamification.

The main advantage of an online format is the greater freedom it gives to both organizers and participants. This case became yet another example showing that we can elaborate and deliver an online course from anywhere in the world.


Not only did the participants complete the course, but they lived through this vibrant and memorable experience. In the end, the training program received high praise from the participants and the initiators, who particularly highlighted the effectiveness of end-to-end gamification. It happened to coincide perfectly with the company's continuous learning policy. Among the main outcomes of the initiative were increased employee engagement in training and development along with a stronger team spirit. During the networking process, the trainees build new horizontal coworker relationships.

Over the year, 40% of the participants used the chance to prove themselves and take on new, higher positions within the company.
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