Online program. 2019-2020.

Systemic modular online training for Home Credit Bank's middle managers nurtures the company's corporate culture

Home Credit Bank has entrusted the ManGO! Games team to run a corporate training course for its personnel. The aim was to teach future managers the basic and advanced skills necessary to foster the company's values. We managed to accomplish this task remotely through a series of online training sessions. Can't wait to share this case with you!
groups for 15-20 people
7 х 1,5-2 hours
Home Credit Bank
Mission: Conduct comprehensive online training for middle managers. Demonstrate the approaches and practices available to support the bank's corporate values.

The bank executives believe the development and promotion of their core values to be a primary focus of every manager since it is the managers who convey these values to their employees.

When it came to personnel policy, the bank decided not only to raise the professional level of its managers but also to help them realize how each managerial effort supports the company's values.

The training gathered area regional management personnel of Deputy Branch Director or Branch Manager level. The ultimate goal of the program was to build an effective talent pool.

Training process:

The company's allocated 10 key topics to be covered during the training:

  • Change Management.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Coaching.
  • Leadership.
  • Management Styles and Employee Life Cycle.
  • Intangible Motivation.
  • Financing For Non-Financiers.
  • Analysis and Systems Approach in Business.
  • Strategic Analysis Tools.
  • Emotional Intelligence.

The biggest challenge was to deliver the online training while avoiding the standard webinar format in favor of a greater degree of interaction and involvement.


Judging by the feedback received, the managers found this training format rather comfortable. With their professional skills' ongoing development, they are gradually turning from line managers into future experienced mentors. All in all, the efficiency of the program was praised by both its participants and initiators.
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