Business training

Remote Team Management

Do you want to manage your virtual team to its full potential? We can teach you the nuances of supervising a nationally or globally dispersed workforce and even adjust our program to match your goals and needs!
  • What is the difference between managing a remote employee and an office one?
  • How to motivate remote employees?
  • How to speed up the process of adapting a newcomer to a virtual workplace?
  • How to eliminate communication barriers with virtual colleagues?
up to 15 people
2 days,
8 hours each
Leadership efficiency

Training objectives

Introduce the key features of remote team management along with the principles of recruitment and newcomer adaptation
Explore the ways to manage the subordinates' efficiency
Use business games to practice the basic and specific managerial functions (task setting, organization of work, supervision, performance analysis, and feedback)
Introduce the intra-team communication management techniques and means of technical support for lossless information delivery
Use business games to study the main mistakes of remote team management and ways to eliminate them
Identify ways for trust-building within a team

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Effective team-building

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Management skills

  • Prioritization skills

  • Planning skills

  • Handling controversial situations
We offer you a whole package of remote management know-hows, mistakes, and successful cases. You will get ready-to-use solutions based on the writings of J. Fried and D. Heinemeier Hansson, S. Berkun, as well as a list of resources, applications, and websites to ensure effective remote management.
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