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Staff Development

If you want to build a professional team committed to your company's success, you have to empower your people and give them the chance to develop! The following course is to teach you the ways to effectively develop and motivate your staff!
  • How to choose the most effective tools for staff development?
  • How to encourage oneself to invest adequate time in education?
  • How to motivate employees for self-training: with a carrot or a stick?
up to 15 people
2 days,
8 hours each
Leadership efficiency

Training objectives

Introduce the principles of creating the staff training-development system and choosing training methods to match the company's goals and budget
Study the basics of adult learning and developmental approaches (coaching, mentoring, tutoring, delegating: 10-20-70)
Introduce the theory of generations and the principles of training design for X, Y, and Z employees
Practice speed-coaching techniques for groups and individuals
Use business games to explore the basic coaching approaches: active listening, asking the "right" questions, and developmental feedback

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Boss-subordinate relationships
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Management skills

  • Motivation skills
  • Guiding skills

  • Staff development
We have prepared for you more than 15 years of successful worldwide experience in staff development based on a comprehensive understanding of perceptual psychology and the principles of adult learning. What you get is concise and succinct content to make your mentoring work easier and more effective.
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