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Influencing Skills

Developing your influencing skills, you are investing in your future self. At the training, you will learn about the influence and negotiation techniques and how to use them to your and your business's advantage. Upon request, we can also customize our program to fit your style and needs.
  • How to be more persuasive when making your point?
  • How to encourage your partners, investors, and clients to cooperate?
  • How can you reach an agreement with someone who shows irrational behavior?
  • What are competent yet simple ways to choose communication methods based on the other person's behavior?
up to 12 people
2 days,
8 hours each
Personal efficiency

Training objectives

Practice the self-management skills
Introduce basic emotional and rational influencing techniques including compelling argumentation and emotional intelligence
Study the DISC and MBTI typologies and identify markers for assessing personality types
Explore personality-oriented influencing methods and communicative role selection techniques
Identify one's own strengths and areas of influence
Outline growth and provocation areas to anticipate and counteract manipulation tricks

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Negotiation skills
  • Self-Management
  • Information delivery
  • Listening skills
  • Comprehension skills
  • Guiding skills
The training comprises analysis of our own experience, MBTI and DISC typologies, and practical influencing techniques. Apart from the above-mentioned questions, you will find answers to the main one: how to manage yourself and others to succeed.
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