The Minefield Training Game

Want to develop communication and team-building skills in a quick and effortless way? The Minefield game is just the right fit for you!
5−10 minutes
large room or hallway, large number of objects, blindfold for players
First, the objects ("mines") are to be placed all over the floor. Tables, chairs, and other interior elements can be either left as they are or moved around to make the game more difficult for those already familiar with the room. Participants are divided into pairs. While the first player is blindfolded, the second one, acting as a navigator, must guide his partner from one end of the room or hallway to the other. The point is to avoid stepping on the "mines" laid out on the floor.

To complicate the game, several or even all pairs can run at the same time. In this case, players must beware not only of touching objects on the floor but also of their competitors.

Alternations: For maximum difficulty, players may select an "enemy agent" who will set "mines" as the game goes. This way, the routes preconceived by the navigator will be compromised, forcing players to improvise.

Follow-Up Questions

Did you manage to get through the room?
How precise was the guidance given by the navigator?
Is the guided person satisfied with the navigation?
Is the navigator satisfied with the execution of his commands?
What kept you from achieving the desired goal?
What helped you accomplish the task?
How could you improve your performance?
Expected results:  The game shows the significance of teamwork in small projects, allowing players to understand the importance of clear guidance and precise command execution.