Business training

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Do you want your team to be effective negotiators who can achieve the company's overall goal rather than the department's KPIs? For that, we can offer you the Cross-Functional Collaboration program adapted to your specific needs!
  • How to be persuasive in making your point?
  • How to convince your partners, investors, and clients to cooperate?
  • How to manipulate or reason with a person you believe to act irrationally?
  • Is there an easy yet smart way to assess other people's behavior and find effective communication channels?
up to 15 people
2 days,
8 hours each
Personal efficiency

Training objectives

Elaborate principles of making presentations and speeches through visualization and technology
Practice techniques to increase the effectiveness of information delivery and meet the goals of the presentation
Overcome communicative barriers when interacting with an audience
Explore effective ways to cope with the performance anxiety
Outline and practice methods of attention management and approaches to a difficult, negative, and skeptical audience
Provide personalized recommendations for improving public speaking skills

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Commitment to results
  • Handling controversial situations
  • Conflict management
  • Guiding skills
  • Information delivery
  • Interpersonal communication
The training features presentation-making tips from Nancy Duarte, Barbara Minto, George Kohlrieser, Guy Kawasaki, Sergey Lazarev, Seth Godin, Bill Collins, Alice Miller, Paul Bennett, Dan Pink, Rory Sutherland, Gene Zelazny, and our 15-year experience of giving public speeches and presentations.
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