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Leaders of mining companies enter the battle for the right to development of a plot rich in ruby and other gems. Only time will tell the level to which their investments will pay out.
2 - 3 hours
  • Participants gather in teams. Every team is a mining company, which needs to produce maximum profit from investment into the selected plot, and after the purchase of the plot, they mine gems. The winners are the teams that gain the maximum profit.
  • Participants can multiply their profits if they show skills of team building, result orientation, competition analysis. And all that under condition of time constraints.
  • The game will find the brightest leaders in teams, learn how well the teams perform under condition of high competition, and how well team members can work together.

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Organizational skills

  • Planning skills

  • Commitment to results

  • Handling uncertainties

  • Vision and goal management

  • Time management
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