The Perfect Square Training Game

Want to improve your employees' team building and communication skills while facilitating team-building? The Perfect Square game will be a great help!
15−30 minutes
long rope with ends tied, blindfold for players
The host invites the team to take a rope with ends tied and get in a circle. Once the necessary figure is formed, players should put the rope on the ground and take a few steps away from it. The number of steps depends on the size of the playing area: the bigger it is, the harder and funnier the game gets. Next, the host asks the players to put on a blindfold. Now their task is to go back to the rope and try to turn the circle into a square.

To make the game harder, the host may forbid some of the participants to communicate with the team. This way, they will have to follow their colleagues' commands only, without taking part in the discussion.

Alternations: For maximum skill-building, call for more complex figures, like a star, etc.

Follow-Up Questions

Did you manage to form the square?
What was the leader's role? How well was the teamwork organized?
Is the leader satisfied with the result?
Is the team satisfied with the result?
What kept you from achieving the desired goal?
What helped you accomplish the task?
How could you improve your performance?
Expected results: The game shows the importance of teamwork in large projects, enabling players to personally experience uncertainties that arise in the decision-making process. It also enhances change management skills, which are of particular value in business workflows.