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Zbyšek Quiz

A mix of the legendary Russian "What? Where? When" club and the European analogs, the quiz represents a great challenge for teams' logic, intellect, and erudition. The game features a quick warm-up and three full-length rounds, including a musical one. Ready to use those little grey cells of yours?
2 hours
Evening sessions
8+ people
  • The rules are very simple. As the host asks questions, the teams have one minute to give the right answer. Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno! The game goes between 6-player teams, with everyone driven by the same goal - to lead their mates to victory!
  • You will only need a high-speed Internet connection and, of course, a good mood! The quiz also requires the players to be strong team members and make the best possible decisions. Keep in mind that no right answer will come without a good struggle. The key factor for winning the Zbyšek Quiz is a cohesive team effort.
  • The game is expected to enhance the players' sense of purpose while motivating them to achieve high levels of performance. They will keep learning and developing their creativity to overcome conflicts and any other obstacles on their way to the whole company's success.

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Quick learning

  • Creativity

  • Effective team-building

  • Commitment to results

  • Planning skills

  • Conflict management
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