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Time Machine

From time to time, our projects fail to meet quality, deadline, and budget expectations. Problem is, we only realize our mistakes when the process is already finished. What can we do about that? Use a time machine to travel back in time and try re-living the project to get a better result.
6 hours
4+ people
  • There are some tricky situations to be faced by the players. What if your clients show no intention of going into the project's details? Do you really want their attention, or you would rather prefer it to be at your sole discretion? The challenge is to produce the best result possible while balancing the needs of the sponsors, the team, and the end-users.
  • As the game progresses, the players will master plenty of typical project-related scenarios. Those include key stakeholders being not engaged in the project, new ideas emerging during the production phase, the team being overloaded, or the team failing to meet the budget.
  • Once they finish playing the game, the employees will understand the basics of project management and decision prioritization. The primary competencies to be developed are focused on handling complexities, balancing the needs of the parties involved, and communicating with them in an intelligent manner.

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Negotiation skills

  • Vision and goal management

  • Problem-solving

  • Handling uncertainties

  • Performance management and evaluation criteria

  • Time management
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