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Mission to Enernova

A unique opportunity has arisen for mankind. To seize it, however, we must take a journey through an unknown galaxy to the Enernova planet. It is there that a precious source of new energy has been discovered, potentially allowing humanity to sustain itself in the coming millennium.
2,5 hours
4+ people
  • Bad thing is, we have competitors planning to reach Enernova in the next 50 light days. The Space Research Agency invites a participating team to try to take the lead in this project. The players' ultimate goal is, therefore, to arrive to the mysterious planet first.
  • Throughout the gameplay, the participants are to encounter many challenges similar to those they might experience in real life. They will have a chance to practice and improve their ability to work in fluid situations, as well as to draw up and then fine-tune a plan based on external factors.
  • Once the game is completed, the employees will gain confidence in working with large information volumes, analyzing incoming data, and operating in emergency scenarios. They will also learn to discuss available options within a team and find better solutions in time-limited circumstances.

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Organizational skills

  • Vision and goal management

  • Commitment to results

  • Performance management and evaluation criteria

  • Conflict management

  • Time management
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