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Desert Rock Treasures

Ever wanted to get fabulously rich? You are about to journey to the mountains all the way across the desert. The goal is to get the gold and make it back in time. As each day goes by, the price of gold keeps falling down. Surviving in the desert is challenging enough, especially given the limited resources you are allowed to carry.
2-2,5 hours
2+ people
  • The players' ultimate priority is to come back safely while earning the maximum amount of in-game money. That should require competent equipment and supplies management, as well as joint analysis of how much gold to obtain and when to go back.
  • During the game, the participants learn the basics of planning a route and adjusting it to the unexpected obstacles they face along the way. The game provides a practical understanding of the concept of vision and purpose, along with time and resource management for achieving optimal results.
  • The team-oriented quest is expected to strengthen the employees' organizational skills while helping them understand the importance of teamwork and feedback. Additionally, the players are to acquire the capabilities necessary to handle unclear situations. Upon completing the game, the participants gain confidence in taking on the most intricate business challenges.

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Organizational skills

  • Effective team-building

  • Vision and goal management

  • Planning skills

  • Handling uncertainties

  • Time management
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