The Blockage Training Game

Want to develop leadership and communication skills in a quick and effortless way? Then the Blockade game will suit you just right!
up to 12 people
10-15 minutes
blindfold for players
Participants are divided into 5-6 person teams. Each team chooses their own leader. The first team players step into the center of the room and are blindfolded (all except the leader). Players of the other teams form a circle around the first team. The circle must be sparse enough for players to escape it without touching the people on the perimeter. Once that's done, the first team leader steps outside the circle and starts managing the team to guide them out of the "encirclement".

To make the game a bit more complicated, you can forbid the surrounded team to talk or touch each other to avoid making noise and exposing themselves to the "enemy".

Alternations: For greater difficulty, people on the perimeter can leave less room to come out, so that leaving the circle would take going sideways/squatting. You can also set a time limit on players' attempts to leave the "blockade" zone.

Follow-Up Questions

Did everyone manage to leave the circle?
How well was the teamwork organized?
Is the leader satisfied with the result?
Is the team satisfied with the result?
To whom did the leader pay more attention and why?
What helped you accomplish the task?
How could you improve the team's performance?

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

  • Commitment to results
  • Handling controversial scenarios
  • Conflict management
  • Guiding skills
  • Information delivery
  • Interpersonal communication
Expected results: The game shows the importance of clear guidance and precise command execution.